Shujitsu University / Shujitsu Junior College

Graduate School

The goal of the Shujitsu Graduate School is to develop individuals who are proficient in specialized skills that will make a significant contribution to the society.


School of Humanities

Humanities Studies Major     Acquirable degree: Master of Arts

Preschool Education Major      Acquirable degree: Master of Education


The School of Humanities at Shujitsu Graduate School aims to foster individuals who promote and improve the study of the humanities within their chosen fields in order to be globally minded, with a deep commitment to scholarship in the humanities. In the specialized skills course, there are many subjects such as Applied (Japanese) Linguistics, English Translation, Cultural Heritage Studies, and Preschool Education.




School of Clinical Pharmacy

– Clinical Pharmacy Major      Acquirable degree: Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy (four-year course)


School of Clinical Pharmacy added to the Graduate School on April 1, 2012.


The School of Clinical Pharmacy at Shujitsu Graduate School aims to develop individuals in the following ways:

1. Human resources that are responsive to the needs of society, that can solve problems in the field of medicine using methods based on scientific evidence.

2. Human resources that can choose the most appropriate and latest drug treatment in the setting of team medical care, which centers on patients.

3. Human resources that can elucidate the pathogenic mechanisms of intractable diseases and that can aid in the development of therapeutic agents.

4. Human resources that can develop new drugs and rational pharmacotherapy.

5. Human resources that can provide palliative treatment for both the body and mind, while taking into consideration psychological distress among patients.

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