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Faculty of Education

Training Teachers Who Are Child-Centered

The mission of the Faculty of Education is to develop teachers who have excellent abilities to teach children, to help children to grow up to be healthy and to solve current educational problems such as a decrease in academic ability and chronic non-attendance. Our students will study the essence of education, acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective teachers, and will pursue the healthy growth and happiness of children.

The Two Sides of Education

One side of education is to improve the scholastic ability of children by teaching fundamental skills, abundant knowledge and thinking skills that stimulate the intellect of children. The other side is to support children’s mental and physical development and to care for them. Teachers must pay attention to both sides to deal with difficult problems in the current environment. The Faculty of Education at Shujitsu University provides students with opportunities to develop competence and expertise in these two sides of education.


The Faculty of Education at Shujitsu University consists of two mutually complementary departments: the Department of Elementary Education and the Department of Educational Psychology.

Department of Elementary Education

The Department of Elementary Education trains kindergarten and elementary school teachers who have the knowledge and skills for effective childcare and elementary education based on a rich sense of humanity. Our curriculum provides students with opportunities to develop the expertise and competence to “teach and guide” children.

Department of Educational Psychology

The Department of Educational Psychology trains experts, which includes psychologists, Yogo teachers (teachers in school infirmaries), and special needs education teachers, based on educational psychology. Our students will develop the expertise and competence to “support” the development and health of children, and to “care” for children by learning specialized knowledge and skills concerning educational psychology, school health and/or special needs education.



Department of Elementary Education   “Infant care” is a field of study focused on infant growth. Through understanding the development of children and the purpose of child care, students make plans for playtime such as singing songs and physical expression. Above all, for my former students, child-care materials such as handmade toys and puppets, which took them a long time to make, have become their irreplaceable treasures. I hear that they still make full use of them to educate children after their graduation from Shujitsu University.

Three training courses to become professionals in education and child care

  Nursery School Teacher

  Kindergarten Teacher

  Elementary School Teacher





Department of Educational Psychology    

Four training courses to become professionals in education and psychology

Certified Psychologist (JPA)

  School Nurse

  Special Support School Teacher

  Junior High School Teacher, High School Teacher

  for Health and Physical Education

The aim of the Department of Educational Psychology is to cultivate specialists who approach matters of the mind in today’s society and in the field of education with a proactive and action-oriented manner. It is, however, difficult to gain insight into them. I hope that all students will be aware of the local environment, look ahead to anticipate potential problems, and always aim to do their best to become teachers in the truest sense of the word.


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